5 brands doing social media well and what we can learn from them

By Katie Pearlgood

Social media plays a vital role in executing a successful marketing campaign. We have already touched on why it’s important for businesses to be ‘social’, however, knowing which channels and methods to use can be a challenging task.

For inspiration, our intern Katie has put together her pick of 5 brands that make excellent use of social media to target their audiences:

  1. Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a perfect example of a social customer service platform. Its Twitter account is notorious for engaging directly with customers in a humorous way. Why does this work so well? Tesco Mobile presents itself on a human level, meaning that it interacts and has witty banter directly with its customers. Tweets like these receive a lot of attention, as seen by the amount of retweets below. This is a very smart way to get people talking about your business and want to be a part of your brand.


  2. Missguided

Missguided can be epitomised as the Queen of social media. As a clothing brand, it makes particularly good use of Instagram to promote its clothes and has gathered a massive 2.4m following. Missguided works Instagram really well because it knows its audience and what inspires and excites them. It is also on top of popular trends, such as memes and uses influencers to promote its products. Missguided also invites followers to interact with the posts whilst doing so.


3. The Body Shop

The Body Shop recently said that it aims to be the world’s most ethical and sustainable brand and its social media presence is definitely helping to fulfill this goal. Each of its platforms carries a separate function but all together they represent an overall image of being environmentally conscious, natural, and ethical. Its Twitter content comprises of social awareness articles, from animal testing to women’s rights. On the other hand, The Body Shop’s Instagram has the primary function of selling and promoting products. The Body Shop also post links to its most recent petitions too.



4. Pret a Manger

Like The Body Shop, Pret uses social media as a way to implement its vision of being an authentic, natural brand. It prides itself on on its Corporate Social Responsibility and this is exemplified on their Twitter and Instagram pages. Pret also uses customer feedback to inform product decisions, for example in 2016 they decided to create a Veggie Pop-up following the results of an online-poll. This shows how informed decisions for your business can be made through correct use of social media.


5. Airbnb

Airbnb makes good use of its Twitter page to deal with customer queries. This is particularly important considering the nature in which the business runs. Airbnb is also really good at constructing global campaigns through its use of hashtags. In 2016 it created the hashtag #livethere which encouraged people to live like a local abroad. It repeated this success in 2017 with the hashtag campaign #WeAccept that went viral online, promoting diversity.



So, what have we learnt from these brands? Researching your target audience is imperative and can inform you on the appropriate content to post and where to post them. It is also important to get the right balance of promotional material and interesting content. Above all, it’s essential that all social media platforms conform to one overarching message that your brand stands for.

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