5 creative ways to add Christmas sparkle to your December marketing strategy

By Scarlett King

As with any kind of holiday campaign, it’s important that you plan your marketing strategy in advance to reap the rewards. Even more so for the Christmas season, as the holiday spans over a longer period of time as soon as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals go live. Mastering your marketing campaign is imperative to a successful festive season for your business, so here’s how to create a buzz around your brand this Christmas.

  1. Get personal: customise your store or website 

Where better to start than dressing up your website, app, social media profile or store front with Christmas sparkle. If you want to go all out, ask for the help of a designer or developer, but if no one is at hand, you can design social media covers yourself with an online design suite like Canva or buy stock images from sites like Shutterstock. And don’t forget, especially for retailers, that in-store holiday decorations help to attract visitors and help to enhance customer experience. Light it up, and add some sparkle to your retail shop with a festive window display!

  1. Host a seasonal event for customers 

What are you doing to make your existing customers feel special this Christmas? Why not host a VIP sale evening or Christmas drinks for your most loyal customers to show them just how much you value their support. Fill guests with Christmas cheer and give them a night to remember so that they are likely to return to your brand in future.

  1. Be charitable: Give away a gift with each purchase

Christmas is all about giving. Whether it’s free sweets for children or a free item; offering complimentary gifts with each purchase gives customers a reason for buying from you in the first place, as they feel that they are getting more value for their money. Free items also make customers feel appreciated and increase the chance of them returning to your business in the future. 

  1. Hold a “12 Days of…” sale, event or contest – either in store or online

Here’s a creative twist for a holiday promotion. Try giving away a different prize, product, or promotion every day for 12 days leading up to Christmas. This type of promotion lends itself very well to the festive theme, as well as taking advantage of time-limited offers. It also has the ability to create a sense of urgency to push sales, whilst creating excitement.

  1. Break into the Instagram game

It’s a great idea to engage with customers through social media during the holiday shopping season, as it’s likely they are already active online posting updates of their holiday activities or Christmas gifts. Instagram is therefore the perfect place to make your holiday game shine, as it provides the perfect opportunity to post pictures and short videos of unique gift ideas or style tips, all which are bound to drive engagement.

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