Creative Black Friday Marketing Ideas for 2017

By Scarlett King

One of the biggest events for retailers is Black Friday. Falling on November 24th in 2017, it’s an unmissable opportunity for all brands to get involved and massively increase profits, while increasing customer engagement.

In 2016 alone, spending in the US reached $1.97 billion on Black Friday and an enormous $2.67 billion dollars on Cyber Monday, another day where customers have the chance to cash in on major discounts and promotions online, prior to the Christmas holidays.

To maximise the success of your brand on Black Friday, ensure you have an effective marketing strategy in place to take full advantage of the occasion. This blog looks at some unique Black Friday ideas to help you drive sales on the biggest shopping day of the year. 

  1. Run a competition on your social media channels

To engage with your audience, you can offer a Black Friday Sweepstake or contest on your social media channels, where customers can provide their name and e-mail to be in with a chance to win a free gift in-store. Not only does this add to your customer contact list and spark discussion about your brand on social media, but it also draws customers to your store where they have the chance to win fantastic prizes. It’s literally a win win! (Use tools like Woobox to create contests, sweepstakes and much more for your social platforms).

  1. Mystery savings

An element of surprise is an exciting way of engaging with consumers. One example could be offering a branded scratch card at checkout in store, which gives customers the chance to win instant prizes!

  1. Give followers a social sneak peak

Social Media is now essential to all marketing strategies. An easy marketing idea for your social media channels is to create a fun compelling video or GIF to grab the attention of your audience. Get your customers excited in the run-up to Black Friday by teasing them with what they can expect in store. Provide them with potential discounts and giveaways, and offer additional promotions with newsletter and premium subscriptions.

  1. Offer a free gift with purchase

Although it may seem like a simple marketing trick, you and every other retailer will be offering great discounts and promotions, so stand out by offering a free gift at the checkout in store! Additionally, optimise your freebie campaign by using social media channels to post about the free gifts you will be giving out.

  1. Create a fun in-store experience

Think outside the box to get people talking about your brand. If most of your Black Friday activity is occurring in-store rather than online, then entice customers with a unique shopping experience. Anything from a DJ, photo booth, to a cocktail bar will ensure your customers are excited and that your shop stands out!

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