The Magic of the John Lewis Christmas Advert

By Elle Serpis

This year it seems like Christmas arrived overnight once we had bid farewell to Bonfire Night. Christmas trees are popping up in shops, the competition for the best Christmas cup has commenced between the coffee shops and Christmas adverts are slowly, but surely, starting to infiltrate ad breaks and take over our newsfeeds.

Every year we eagerly await to see what treats are in store, but no one has us waiting in anticipation more than John Lewis. So what is it that makes this particular marketing campaign mark the start of the festive period for so many?

The build-up

John Lewis is no stranger to building up anticipation. As Christmas nears each year, they release a teaser a few days before the premiere of the Christmas ad, to build anticipation, engagement and raise awareness before the main launch. This creates intrigue and gets people talking on social media platforms.

The power of an integrated campaign

The John Lewis advert tells us a story that melts our hearts and spreads Christmas cheer. We connect with the characters and find ourselves wanting our very own Moz the Monster, a giant snoring Monster who lives under the bed.

Luckily for us, John Lewis are prepared with their accompanying product line providing all the merchandise you could ever want. From bed linen and cuddly toys, to telescopes that enable us to say hello to The Man on the Moon, or starry bed lights to help us sleep, John Lewis has ensured that these become essential Christmas list entries.

Their extensive social media effort only adds to the personal feeling of John Lewis’ Christmas journey. Last year, saw a Buster the dog Snapchat filter, bespoke messages thanking followers for their positive feedback and personalised videos of people’s own pets. Their ability to create community engagement, and to get people excited about the campaign adds to their success.

It’s more than just about selling

Every year, John Lewis reminds us about the spirit of Christmas. The John Lewis mission is to ‘make a difference in all they do’ and this is always reflected in their advert. Whether it’s helping others feel the joy and warmth of Christmas, reaching out to those who may need a little help at this time of year or simply thanking someone with the perfect gift, we’re guaranteed a heart-warming message.

John Lewis has also been a proud advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and this is displayed in their Christmas efforts to team up with charities related to each advert. For example, The Man on the Moon with Age UK, Buster the Boxer with The Wildlife Trust, and Moz the Monster with Barnardo’s. This helps to promote the charity, with a proportion of merchandise sales donated to them.

An accompanying soundtrack that stands on its own

Anticipating who will have the honours of recording the accompanying song to be is all part of the spectacle. John Lewis always steer clear of the traditional Christmas song in favour of something new, emotive and distinctive. In case their advert doesn’t already stand out enough, John Lewis always ensure that we’re gifted with a song that will always be associated with the advert. To accompany Moz the giant snoring monster in its 2017 advert, gentle giants Elbow delivered a heartening rendition of Golden Slumbers, a classic Beatles song written by Paul McCartney in 1969.

With its perfect combination of a relatable story, a heart-warming message, strong imagery and a distinctive soundtrack, John Lewis has not let viewers down with its 2017 Christmas campaign.

To meet Moz the Monster, John Lewis’ latest festive mascot, take a look at the full trailer: