Are you the river or the rock? The emerging role of AI and the importance of embracing change

As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change”. When people hear the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) it often sparks a negative reaction; many individuals oppose the radical changes that will inevitably come with it. However, the real problem lies in the fact that this fear of AI almost always stems from a lack of understanding of what it actually is.

Simply put, AI is essentially the simulation of human intelligence by machines. By harnessing a number of advanced technologies, these machines can comprehend, perform and learn in unprecedented ways.

As the rate of technological progress has increased exponentially over the last few decades, it is time for businesses to acknowledge and embrace the opportunities that AI brings. At Zoodikers, our agency strives to keep abreast of the ever-changing competitive marketing/PR industry. We are early adopters in implementing AI in business, and our team are here to help transform your company.

Your organisation boils down to more than brand aims and values – it is heavily influenced by public perception. This brand image is shaped by typical marketing activities, from content strategy to social engagement. At Zoodikers, it is our role to determine the most relevant activities and metrics, with the aim of generating more traffic to your site and in turn, resulting in a greater lead conversion rate.

In simple terms, the team at Zoodikers have the dual objectives to both augment your brand by generating sales through the acquisition of new customers while simultaneously improving the retention of existing ones. This will be achieved by using our professional services to transform your business into the most visible, practical and desirable in your industry, all while performing as efficiently as possible.

For marketers, it is important to assess your existing marketing structure to address where AI can be effectively introduced and, in turn, deploy a tailored AI-focused strategy. At Zoodikers, we will build up your knowledge of the vast range of tools available, from predictive analytics to chatbots, in order to create a personalised AI-driven plan of action.

AI operates on a predictive basis by learning what a customer wants, from information such as demographics and past sales. These data-driven insights can be used to indicate what they will desire in the future. This in turn can lead to a more personalised and tailored marketing strategy with higher customer satisfaction.

In our current climate, the majority of bigger platforms are aggressively researching opportunities to infuse AI into their businesses. However, that hasn’t precluded smaller companies from also adopting AI via the vast array of inexpensive and accessible tools. Our job is to help identify and implement the tools that are best for you, enabling your business to be better equipped for the future.

So, ‘Are you the river or the rock?’ Instead of fearing the change that AI brings, our team will help you embrace it. Being agile in business is important and we are here to show you how AI will in fact enhance the knowledge and capabilities of marketers. ‘Business rocks’ are set in their ways, deploying traditional and often archaic marketing strategies while turning a blind eye to the powerful and growing role AI will play in modern business. The ‘business rivers’ who take the time to understand it, embrace it, and use it, will have the advantage over their competitors. At Zoodikers, we want to work with you to ensure your business thrives through this digital revolution and beyond.