5 top tips for using social media to enhance your presence at events

Social media is a useful tool for generating greater brand awareness and showcasing your business in a positive light. Many businesses are oblivious as to how helpful social channels can be in generating new customers and retaining existing ones. This blog post will give 5 top tips to successfully use social media to enhance your presence at corporate events and exhibitions.


1. Multichannel activity

When using social media successfully, you must be willing to put the effort in;  a half-hearted job will not produce good results. It is also important to cover multiple social channels as audiences are often spread across platforms, with some users preferring one channel over another. Each social platform has its different uses and unique features, for example, hashtags on Twitter, whereas Instagram focuses purely on imagery, so it’s useful to promote different types of content on each channel to keep your audience engaged and up to date. Don’t forget to ensure your social accounts also look the part; a good profile picture, bio describing your business and updated links to your website will generate more interest from your customer as it shows you know what you’re doing.


2. Regular social posts prior to event

Ensure you consistently post prior to the event. This is important as you regularly update your followers and those may be interested in keeping up to date with your activities. Each new post could promote a different aspect of your event to intrigue potential visitors. What’s more, there are social tools available such as Sendible and Hootsuite, which allow you to schedule your social posts on multiple platforms in one go, saving both time and effort.


3. Hashtags and Imagery

As previously mentioned, different social platforms are useful for different reasons. It is important to utilise hashtags on Twitter to allow users to search and find your posts relating to the event. Prior to the event, your team should determine which short and catchy hashtag to use; it is important to include this wherever you can for promotion. If you are attending an event it is also a good idea to research the hashtags surrounding the event so you can capitalise on using them, adding them to your posts, could gain you followers and potential customers. Instagram also makes use of hashtags but the real focus is all on imagery. Images are vital in grabbing your audience’s attention and encouraging engagement. It is a good idea that before and during the event, you take advantage of capturing good photos to use across social platforms in the future.


4. Two-way communication and sharing

It is great to encourage conversation amongst your audience to get them talking about your business and event as a promotional tool. Make sure you listen and provide answers to any queries or complaints they may have. If your customer is happy, they are more likely to talk positively about their experience with your business and share your posts to their followers who are often likeminded individuals, increasing your reach to potential customers.


5. Live Tweets and videos at event

After you have generated a good following and prepared your social channels for your event, it is important to continue to post throughout and into the future. Live posts are active reminders to customers to visit your stand and also show those who didn’t make it what they are missing out on. Often, your followers are sent a notification when you begin a Facebook Live or Instagram Live story. These active sessions regularly spark a Q&A session where followers can ask you questions about your services or products. As long as you ensure you have confident and enthusiastic employees with a lot to talk about, this social tactic is guaranteed to work in your favour.


It is important to understand the power of social media and what an incredible tool it can be when used properly to produce more brand awareness and increase your customer attendance at events. What’s more, effectively using social media will help you achieve the ultimate end goal of driving traffic to your site and generating more sales for your business.