Many boards are still evolving into Social Businesses - organisations which adopt social media for effective HR, customer service and sales, as well as a channel for marketing.

Many leading utility and mobile network brands are damaging their reputation by paying lip service to these important strategies, some of which require a company reorganisation as well as re-skilling.

But further game changers are on the horizon, one being Artificial Intelligence. AI, as Econsultancy advises, will permeate all aspects of marketing and beyond. As Co-Founder of AIinFM and Director of Transformation at Digital Leadership Associates, our founder Katie King is well positioned to support clients with a range of digital transformation services to help them adapt and succeed.

Decision-making around AI may rest with the CTO, but increasingly, the management team needs to be involved, given the critical role AI is playing in marketing (think CRM and AI) as well as HR (think staff morale and culture in a world of actriods).

Amidst all of this change, we are well placed to partner with our clients to focus on achieving their business goals, for example an IPO.