PR & social media

A compelling, measurable and effective PR and social media campaign is one which is closely aligned to an organisation’s business goals. At its heart is Social Selling, whereby profile and credibility warm up the pipeline for lead generation, or for talent attraction. Our Six Social Selling Steps is a proven framework for success.

When it comes to the profile of your business, PR is an important tool used to position your spokespeople as thought leaders and increase the credibility of your organisation in the marketplace. As prospects become wise to hard sales messaging and turn to industry publications for help in the decision making process, Zoodikers can ensure you are seen in the right place, at the right time.

We provide a wide range of PR services and can support you in developing a full PR strategy, which nurtures your business goals, and implementation if required.

Businesses are now being forced to be more transparent than ever, and in today’s digital world, fast responses and strong media relationships are essential for maintaining brand reputation. PR and social media are most effective when working in partnership, with research finding that 51% of journalists reported that they would be unable to do their job without social media.

Social media

Building two-way global interaction to grow authority, presence and influence

 We are working with brands of all sizes in the UK and across the globe to help them effectively utilise social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. From strategy development to daily social media management, we’re able to help reach target audiences and meet business objectives. The team has vast experience advising and working with companies in numerous sectors ranging from large facilities management organisations to regional law firms. We not only plan and create the high quality content their social media channels require, we also handle the day-to-day posting, community building and engagement on each platform.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing such as print, social media has opened up a two-way dialogue giving more power to consumers. Each stage of the customer journey is now influenced by what people see online, whether that’s what your brand is saying or reviews from their friends, relatives and peers.

Some marketers question the value of social media and struggle to measure the ROI of campaigns. We have access to the best tools and knowledge of the latest techniques to always ensure maximum results. It’s no longer a question for businesses whether they should be present on social media; it’s essential.