5 tips to improve your social media strategy

We’re in the full swing of 2017 now; New Year’s resolutions on ice and back to normality. Now is the time to proactively plan your content strategy for the rest of the year, setting goals and KPIs, and brainstorming those all important creative campaigns

There seem to be new tips and tools being offered every month in the ever changing digital world and it can get very confusing. We’re here to help you see the wood for the trees, so here are Zoodikers’ top five essentials for businesses looking to increase their sales and drive social media engagement.

  1. Plan your content

Map out your business objectives, your target audiences and plan your strategy to help you achieve those objectives. Once you have your strategy in place, create content that maps directly back. You’ll need to decide which platforms are right for your audience. Be selective and active on those that are most relevant; and do a few things really well.

Create weekly content calendars. Map out your posts so you can see the split between text only and image based content. According to HubSpot, when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retain 65% of the information three days later so using images is really important when raising awareness. Mapping it out will help you to share a good mix of content that is a mix of reactive (news relative to your brand) and planned reactive (creating content around national days for example).

  1. Find out who your influencers are

Influencers will help you spread your message and improve awareness but it can be tricky to find who the right people are for you. Tools like http://buzzsumo.com can help you work out who will work for you. Influencers can include bloggers that you might want to create some content with but you could also select partners, customers, news outlets and thought leaders in your sector.

  1. Engage

A lot of businesses still use social media as more of an advertising platform, to shout about their core messages and tell their followers what to think. Best practice is to use it as a platform to engage and create dialogue with your followers; to ask questions, respond to queries, be seen as a curator/a source of content that your followers can rely on for interesting points of view.

  1. Put budget aside to boost posts

If a post is performing particularly well for your audience, and is on message, boost it with some paid spend. This will spread its reach and grow engagement on your page. Be careful though, don’t boost everything or you risk being seen as too promotional.

  1. Integrate your approach

Make sure you think about things in an integrated way. Cross promote your social media channels and direct followers to your other branded channels. These could include your website, a piece of coverage featuring your infographic or a whitepaper that you want to increase downloads on.

If you need help developing your social media strategy, or need support writing relevant, engaging content, drop Olivia an email on Olivia@zoodikers.com