A brave departure for Wetherspoons

An interesting development this week on wired.co.uk

Wetherspoons has taken the brave choice to delete their entire email database, including over 600,000 email addresses! Leading with the philosophy that with less data, comes less risk of being exposed to breeches in security and considerable fines.

A timely decision as the GDPR regulation coming into effect on May 25th 2018, can expose companies to fines of up to 4% of their global turnover.

Become GDPR savvy

Many companies may find this a difficult transition particularly those who use email marketing as the backbone of their marketing strategy.

In place of their email database, Wetherspoons plan to use social media and their own website as their main platform for deals and promotions.

What becomes of the email marketers?

What then does this mean for email marketers looking to increase reach and convert sales?

What we recommend

By examining and profiling your customer you can see how and where to influence them on social media with platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs and PR. It’s time to stop bombarding clients with emails to deliver your message and start nurturing the relationship instead.

 To deliver the right message, on the right platform at the right time will generate the optimum return and we recommend a sure-footed way ahead by following a step by step six-point plan. A plan to successfully create more touch points with your current and prospective customers. In essence, this involves:

  1. Planning and segmenting your audience
  2. Finding the right channel
  3. Devising a social media strategy
  4. Building profile and differentiate
  5. Nurturing relationships
  6. Encouraging them to buy

Alternative platforms for marketers

Customer engagement and sales leads can be generated on many platforms. Video, VR and AI can assist just as easily with segmentation, personalisation and completing your customer journey. And can be more targeted than e-marketing.

3D Tours uses video, 3D and VR marketing as a form of direct selling and promotion to customers, and has noticed a visible increase in sales and customer engagement with their clients. 3D is currently working on the creation of interactive VR experiences in a game engine. This creates the richest possible experience for a user/player both on screen and in VR. It enables the user to interact fully with the environment around them. By adding bots and voice recognition there are endless possibilities to engage more competitively with your customers….check out the video.

If you want to learn more about how GDPR can affect you as a business, how to minimise risk over the coming months and use alternative platforms to deliver your message Zoodikers, email Katie@zoodikers.com for a free copy of our recent webinar.