4 Christmas Marketing Campaigns We Love And Why

There’s nothing as highly anticipated as an emotionally charged and exceptionally executed Christmas campaign during the festive season…

With Christmas season well underway, and with the ad industry currently immersed in creating stand-out campaigns that will dominate our screens this festive season, we take a look at some of the best Christmas digital marketing campaigns of the past and present.

Sainsbury’s – WW1 campaign, 2014

The Sainsbury’s Christmas WW1 ‘truce’ ad tells the moving story of the Christmas Day truce 100 years ago in the trenches. An infamous football match in no man’s land leads to a young British soldier handing over his chocolate bar to his German counterpart.

The ad marked 100 years from the 1914 truce and became a popular talking point on social media, fuelled by its allegiance with the Royal British Legion and the featured chocolate bar, which was sold in stores for £1 with all profits going to the charity. The bold, and heartwarming campaign won the hearts of the nation, by inspiring friends and family to cherish the small things at Christmas, as well as raising awareness and funds for the Royal British Legion. Watch the full video here.

John Lewis – The Long Wait, 2011

This John Lewis ad was a game changer in the world of Christmas campaigns. 2011 marked the first year the company used the ad opportunity to tell a story to its audience, raising the bar to all other retailers around the world. Set to the famous ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ by The Smiths; the tear-jerking advert tells the tale of a young boy who is counting down the days until Christmas, trying to use magic to make the clock move faster and scoffing down his dinner to try and get to sleep as possible. The heartwarming twist is that he is not eager to open his own presents, but just can’t wait to give his parents their parents. It doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house! Watch it here.

Coca Cola – Holidays Are Coming, 1995

Originally created in the 1990’s, the coca cola truck advert is one of the most talked about Christmas commercials, with the iconic train even visiting different parts of the UK handing out free product to engage consumers. The ad is so effective that many have come to acknowledge the start of Christmas with seeing the arrival of the red Coca Cola truck. What’s incredible, and special about this campaign is that the iconic truck ad has become so globally renowned that Coca Cola haven’t needed to think up a new campaign since its release, but instead update the original each year. The Holidays Are Coming advert is timeless. Watch the original here.

Air Canada – Gift of Home, 2014

Arriving at a Canadian-themed pub in Covent Garden in 2014, several Air Canada pilots/actors talked to Canadian patrons who dreamt of returning for a Christmas at home – only they couldn’t afford it. In the spirit of Christmas, the pilots rang a bell, and announced that they’d be getting a round for everyone in the pub. Yet this was not a classic round of pub drinks – instead it was a round ticket back home to Canada for all those in the pub, a true Christmas miracle. This generous Christmas stunt was not only a great PR boost, but was a great way of giving back at Christmas! Watch the full video here.

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