Zoodikers’ top tips to keep your employees engaged during the festive season

By Scarlett King

The holiday season can be a joyful, stressful and exciting for everyone, but one of the main challenges for businesses is keeping employees motivated and focused in the lead up to Christmas. In most instances, the holiday season brings positive life and energy to the work place, but the distractions surrounding the Christmas season can have detrimental effects on productivity, as many employees lose sight of their work objectives. In fact, it has been reported that over two thirds of workers feel they are less productive throughout December compared to other months of the year.

It is therefore important for managers to acknowledge that the holidays are an exciting and energetic time, but also keep in mind your team’s momentum throughout the season to ensure productivity does not fall. Here are our chosen 5 practices for managers to keep employees engaged during the holidays.

  1. Create an enjoyable atmosphere

To keep the working environment exciting, decorate the office with Christmas sparkle, or go one step further by hosting a Secret-Santa, running a festive baking competition, or planning a company Christmas party. They will certainly bring festive cheer to the workplace!

  1. Set manageable targets – and celebrate success!

It can be fun to praise behaviour and celebrate success with unexpected prizes and rewards. This is likely to boost employee productivity and motivation in the workplace as well as bringing a feel-good factor and festive cheer. Christmas after all is a time for giving so why not ensure your employees are being rewarded when targets are met.

  1. Consider flexible working

If you want to go the extra mile to accommodate your employees during the holidays, consider flexible working arrangements. For example, letting employees work from home on certain days or offering flexible working hours. Flexible working arrangements can help your employees to mix work, family and leisure activities altogether, which is important over the Christmas holiday season.

  1. Be the Example

Leadership plays a major part in maintaining productivity, and therefore plays a vital role during the holiday season. If managers become slack at work, your employees will likely follow in their footsteps. Therefore, it is important that you and your managers stay focused on the company’s end of year deadlines to ensure you meet objectives and finish the year strong. 

  1. Manage client expectations

Client work can be stressful at any time during the year, and especially during the holidays, when deadlines come to a head and expectations are rising. To relieve stress on your employees, ensure clients expectations have been managed, and are in line with your business Christmas working hours. Never promise products or services that are not certain to be delivered due to the holiday madness.

If you are to take one thing away from these tips, it is to remain cheerful throughout the holiday season. Don’t forget, the holidays are as much a time for managers to show their appreciation of staff as they are for employees to unwind. Be sure to take sometime to reward yourself too!

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